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UV Germicidal lamp T6 2P

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UV Germicidal lamp T6 2P
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Stardard Output Germicidal Lamps
"Lightbest manufacture UV germicidal lamps with two types of high-quality fused quartz, including doped fused quartz type and clear fused quartz, which emit different wavelength of UV energy.
Ozone-free (L) lamps, made with doped fused quartz which blocks the transmission of 185nm energy, emit approximately 95% of the ultraviolet energy at the mercury resonance wavelength of 253.7nm. This wavelength is the region of maximum germicidal effectiveness and is highly lethal to virus, bacteria, protozoa and mold.
Very-High (VH) ozone generating lamps, made with nature clear fused quartz which can transmit 185nm and 253.7nm UV energy. 185nm can not kill bacterial or virus directly, however, it can produce abundant of ozone (O3) from oxygen (O2) in air. Ozone can break cell walls of microbial so that immediately kill microorganism acting as strong oxidizers and deoxidizers."
Typical Germicidal Lamps' Configurations:
Preheat Start germicidal lamps are operated by a preheat start circuit that employs a relatively compact and economical ballast. The preheat circuit requires four electrical connections per lamp and a slight to moderate delay is needed to start the lamp. Some modern electronic ballasts are capable of instant starting a preheat lamp, or available by changing the circuit.
These germicidal lamps are extensively applied in water treatment, air purification and surface sterilization.
Instant Start germicidal lamps are instant starting and utilize a coil filament on each end which operates hot cathode. Lamp life is determined by the life of the electrodes and is affected by the frequency of starting.
These germicidal lamps are extensively applied in air purification and duct systems (such as HVAC).


Preheat Start Germicidal Lamps-T6 2P

Preheat start lamps-Ozone Free  
Model Number Lamp Dimensions(mm) Power Current Voltage UV Output at 1 Meter Rated Life
Tube Diam Length (W) (mA)  (V) (μw/cm²) (W) (H)
G15T6L/2P 19 330 15 230 45 23 2.2 9000
G15T6L/2P 19 436 15 340 54 48 4.7 9000
G20T6L/2P 19 589 20 320 80 45 4.5 9000
G30T6L/2P 19 894 30 370 102 100 11.2 9000
G55T6L/HO/2P 19 894 55 770 86 150 18.0 9000

*Ozone free type-253.7nm and ozone type-253.7nm+185nm are both available